About Me

Hi Folks, I am Shoumadip Das hailing from Kolkata, India welcoming you to explore my blog www.oraclemasterpiece.com. I am a self motivated and successful professional working in a leading IT Giant for more than 10 years.My area of expertise includes –

  • Oracle Database Programming (SQL & PL/SQL)
  • Perl Programming
  • Unix Programming

This blog is to share my hands-on experience,best practices for Oracle Database programming,its advanced concepts related to both programming & architecture and my journey throughout.

The rat race and incessant technological uplift can be overwhelming at times for all budding engineers or techies for the fact. Oracle itself brings on an ocean of tools, utilities, packages which need to be integrated, implemented in several sectors ranging from Retail to Life science or Entertainment to Banking.

This indispensable yet robust Database may be intimidating but here I am with the purpose to show you all a guided way on what and how to start and master it. I also wish to make this blog a platform of great interaction where I get to learn new skills from you all.

If you have ever wondered how it would be if John Lenon could write codes, then bingo I am part of that game too. I have brewed both music and coding as my passion, from the very early days of my career I took refuge in both while things used to go wrong.

I have spent major years of life in the mountains of Manebhanjan, Darjeeling and imagine how it was to adapt to the lifestyle of a big city and its hustle. I was at first clueless when I joined this IT giant but slowly discovered my liking towards Oracle Database, its optimisation and Performance Tuning techniques, then it kind of became my hobby which eventually made me a Oracle Data Architect.Though my love for playing guitar, tattoos and trekking never took a backseat 🙂

I intend to share my expertise in Oracle Database Programming (Intermediate – Expert) with a mixture of my journey of learning and storytelling. In fact, as a father of a 5year old, I have picked up this interest of storytelling which I believe can help you all to relate and learn from this blog.